Northern Youth Programs is a conservative Mennonite para-church organization. Each staff person is a member of his/her home church and an associate member of Northern Youth Programs. We minister inter-denominationally across Canada for mutual benefit. In these inter-denominational ministry relationships, we will remain firm in our own convictions while respecting the convictions of others. We are a Canadian organization with a mix of Canadian and American staff. We minister cross-culturally and operate in the Canadian environment. We are full-time missionaries with a primary interest in achieving Northern Youth Program’s mission and vision.



We carry on the vision of the organization, directed by a Board of Directors, each of whom has experience working in ministry in Northern Ontario.



Northern Youth Programs was founded by Clair and Clara Schnupp in 1967. The objectives were to minister to the spiritual, emotional, and social needs of Aboriginal youth. The programs included schools, camps, retreats, and teaching programs. Various programs have been initiated and others have ceased to operate over the years.