Our missionaries play a vital role in our work with the Aboriginal people. Each one has a role in the broader team accomplishing our mission purpose. Each one, while having other responsibilities, is also involved in helping the emotionally hurting and the spiritually weak. Each one is making a difference in someone’s life. Click on each missionary to donate to their ministry work.

John Troyer

HQ Maintenance Support John

Kadin Sensenig

BLC Maintenance Support Kadin

Rachel Weber

HQ Housekeeper Support Rachel

Brent Schrock

Community Ministries Administrator Support Brent

Carlin Loewen

BLC Administrator Support Carlin

Colin Eby

BLC Maintenance Support Colin

Colin Frey

Business Administrator Support Colin

Cordell Loewen

BLC Assistant Administrator Support Cordell

Dustin Martin

HQ Maintenance Support Dustin

Eric Byler

BLCS Manager Support Eric

Emily Martin

BLC Youth Worker Support Emily

Joash Burkholder

BLC Youth Worker Support Joash

Joel Reimer

Community Worker Support Joel

Jon Loewen

HQ Facilities Manager Support Jon

Jordan Youngman

Aviation Program Manager Support Jordan

Kristal Bange

Community Ministries Youth Worker Support Kristal

Mariah Martin

Community Ministries Youth Worker Support Mariah

Michael Horst

IT Administrator Support Michael

Norman Miller

Chief Executive Officer Support Norman

Pearl Reimer

HQ Receptionist Support Pearl

Tanya Kornelsen

Graphic Designer Support Tanya

Steve Kuepfer

Kenora Prison Ministries Manager Support Steve

Walter Martin

Administrative Assistant Support Walter