Michael Horst

Missionary IT

I grew up in Parry Sound Ontario. Our family moved to southern Ontario when I was seven years old, but my heart never left the north. I went to college for IT soon after high school and have enjoyed working with technology ever since. I have enjoyed going back up north to visit family and have always wanted the chance to move back up.

After taking a Perspectives in World Missions course, I felt a strong pull to step up to the plate and go on the mission field. I had no idea what to do or where to go until I heard of the need for IT support at NYP. I felt this was an answer to prayer and applied.

Besides working with computers and reading, I like to go camping and boating in the summer and skiing in the winter. My greatest desire is to be a reflection of what God is like to the world around me.

Home Church: Maranatha Mennonite Church | Drayton, Ontario
Staff Since: June 2019