Mark Petersheim

BLCS Administrator

Originally from South Carolina, I met Mary while serving with Northern Youth Programs in the 90’s. Missions have always been important for Mary and I and we attribute this to the vision and influence of both our parents (who served in Canada and El Salvador respectively) and God’s call on our life.

The ages of our children range from 1 to 20, with our older girls pursuing jobs and education, so it can be difficult to find things that we can all do together. Cooking over a campfire in our yard, laughing together over crazy jokes, and eating meals together are some of the ways we come together in the midst of our busy and varied lives. We all enjoy the beauty of nature, and as a family love this region of Canada we call home.

Mary and I both pursued a Master’s degree in Counselling and share a vision of helping hurting people. Our love for people, the outdoors, and adventure took us to the Arctic from 2008-2010 where I worked as a counsellor.

Presently, I serve as Counselling Administrator. Over the past several years, we have faced a series of changes and big losses in our lives, which have impacted us deeply. We pray that as we continue to find healing, our hearts will be even more open to others in pain and grief.

Home Church: Cold Springs Mennonite Church | Abbeville, South Carolina
Staff Since: Mark: 1993-1995; Mary: birth-1995; Family: Aug. 2001