Lois Lapp

BLCS Counsellor

I was born in Pennsylvania, and raised in Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C. I moved to northwestern Ontario in the mid-1980’s. Since then I have been working with Northern Youth Programs for over twenty years in numerous roles and places.

Currently, I am living in Dryden; working at Beaver Lake Counselling Centre as a counsellor and travelling to do follow-up work. God has put a passion in my heart to enjoy and learn from numerous cultural groups of people, having grown up in the Amish Mennonite and African American cultures. In northwestern Ontario, I have worked extensively among First Nations people. I thank God for giving me this privilege to live and work for Him wherever I am.

Home Church: Life Mennonite Church | Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Staff Since: 1984-1990; 1994-1999; Aug. 1984